The Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions

The Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions

How can you visit the 2020 Dubai Expo without missing out on all the pavilions? The UAE has said that it plans to put on its best face for the event, which will feature 16 themed pavilions and an estimated 25 million visitors from around the world. Here are three pavilions you’ll want to make sure to visit when you’re at the expo!

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The Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions

United Arab Emirates Pavilion

The UAE Pavilion will likely be one of Dubai’s most impressive pavilions. With its gleaming white lines and top-tier design, it’ll definitely be worth a visit. The structure is being built by TECOM, which also helped create many of Dubai’s iconic buildings, including The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. In fact, many say that its sleek lines are inspired by those two structures—so it’ll certainly look at home on World EXPO 2020 Site.

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China Pavilion

When you think of China, chances are your mind will conjure up images of bustling cities, temples and palaces, traditional festivals, and pandas playing. If that’s what you’re looking for in a country pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 (and who wouldn’t want that?), then China is where you should head.

Korea Pavilion

The pavilion will make use of traditional Korean architecture and design as a nod to traditional culture. The main attraction is a green wall made out of plants that are native to Korea. In addition, there is an auditorium where visitors can learn about Korean music and dance. Visitors can also participate in several workshops on Korean drums and making traditional Korean snacks.

Turkey Pavilion

Expect memorable moments at Turkey’s pavilion, where your senses will be tantalized by Turkish tradition and culture. Visitors will interact with a live chef preparing local dishes like sujuk or tehina kebab over an open flame. Savory aromas of grilled meat, fresh breads and other traditional delights will waft through air before you even enter the pavilion. The pavilion will also serve as a hub for showcasing Turkish arts and crafts, such as leather goods, pottery and jewelry.

Portugal Pavilion

Portugal’s pavilion will be a highlight at Dubai Expo 2020. Here, you can expect a bunch of fun and exciting things like rides, interactive displays and entertainment. Portugal Pavilion is a must-visit place on your Dubai Expo checklist! We want to give our readers a head start in planning their Dubai trip by listing out some of the important pavilions that you can’t miss during your visit.

Qatar Pavilion

The Qatar Pavilion will be built on a 24,000 square-meter plot of land. It will include an LED-lit mosque and a futuristic city center with 14 buildings representing various Qatari landmarks. The pavilion’s two buildings are named Al Wakra, which is known for being Qatar’s first housing development, and Lusail City, which holds sentimental value as it was developed just prior to hosting World Cup 2022.

India Pavilion

The India Pavilion will showcase some of India’s most renowned architecture, such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Palitana Temples, Lotus Temple and Hawa Mahal. In addition to showcasing India’s architectural marvels in a 25-foot replica of The Gateway of India, visitors will be able to explore different tourist destinations in smaller pavilions. All of these pavilions will be located at Saqr Port in West Bay. More than just an entertainment hub, Phase 2 of Saqr Port is poised to become a major recreation area for people living and working around West Bay, with miles of waterfront promenades and green spaces overlooking Dubai Marina skyline.

Pakistan Pavilion

Pakistan’s pavilion is set to evoke memories of one of their most revered places: The Shalimar Gardens. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a network of gardens and waterways surrounded by centuries-old mosques and tombs. This inspired vision for expo 2020 dubai is what will draw people in and give them an idea of what Pakistan has to offer. Here, they’ll find a world map built with bricks imprinted with books from all around Pakistan, representing stories that have touched its citizens throughout history.

England pavilion

There’s no shortage of landmarks in England that make for a great backdrop for your brand. The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral all make for memorable videos, images and exhibits—and there are still plenty more you can check out. These buildings represent some of England’s most important events, traditions and places; it’s well worth taking time to learn about them while planning your pavilion booth.

Tunisia Pavilion

The Tunisia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is set to focus on topics such as promoting technological advancements and innovations, improving people’s lives, as well as environmental sustainability. The pavilion will also address topics related to art and culture, science and education.

Brazil Pavilion

The incredible, multi-leveled design was recently unveiled as part of Dubai’s Exposition 2020. Designed by Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, it is one of several venues that will be included in Expo 2020. Each pavilion at Dubai’s expo will represent a different country and feature unique designs and themes. The total cost for constructing all pavilions has been estimated at around $4 billion.

Russian Pavilion

The Russian Pavilion is a large pavilion that’s home to more than 10 individual countries. The pavilion was recently renovated, and it looks beautiful now with its geometric lines and bold colors. Inside, you can find some of Russia’s best-known products such as Iskra laptop computers and Tissot watches. If you visit on a Saturday between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM (local time), you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Russian cuisine at snack booths outside.

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