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Founded in 2021, CarsClub has rapidly emerged as the UAE’s premier online automotive marketplace. Serving as a dynamic hub for both buyers and sellers across the Emirates, CarsClub has also earned distinction as a key driver of export demand for the entire region. We have identify that purchasing or selling a car can be a difficult undertaking. 

That is why we have designed a user friendly website to make the process easier and makes it better for buyers and sellers to connect. CarsClub.ae has you covered whether you are seeking to buy a new car, sell your used vehicle, or trade in for a better bargain. Our vast vehicle inventory includes new and used vehicles from leading brands, making it simple to discover the ideal vehicle that suits your demands and budget. 

What sets CarsClub apart is its status as the sole independently owned marketplace in the UAE, with an unwavering commitment to the automotive sector. This independence empowers us to uphold an unmatched level of transparency, freely sharing invaluable industry data and insights. 

Unlike platforms that contend with their own product offerings, creating potential conflicts of interest, CarsClub remains resolutely impartial. With an impressive roster of more than 150 active showrooms & Thousands Of Private Active Sellers accessibly through web and mobile apps, CarsClub firmly establishes itself as the market leader, boasting an unparalleled reach within the export market. CarsClub attracts over a million searches a month, enabling access to real-time data from real buyers and sellers, combined with cutting-edge technology, and strong dealer partnerships putting CarsClub in a leading position to transform the market.

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Our Approach involves collaboration rather than competition with automotive retailers.

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