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Guide To Tasjeel: Vehicle Testing Services, Fee & Location

Guide To Tasjeel: Vehicle Testing Services, Fee & Location

Guide To Tasjeel, The UAE is continuously attempting to make life simpler for residents, whether via the use of cutting edge technology or by making services more accessible. Tadbeer simplifies the procedure of employing housekeepers, while Tasheel guarantees that all labor rules are followed. Tasjeel is considered the one-stop shop for autos in the UAE. Residents may get a variety of car services here, including testing, registration, foreign driving licenses, and much more. Continue reading to learn about Continue reading about Guide To Tasjeel’s services, pricing, locations, and more!

What Is Tasjeel?

Tasjeel is a network of service facilities situated throughout the UAE that handle all cars testing and registration requirements. It was developed in response to the city’s rising vehicle population through a cooperation between ENOC & Dubai Police. In Sharjah, it finally took over automobile testing and registration.

ENOC Tasjeel is fully licensed to provide these services in one convenient location, whether it’s testing your vehicle to renew your registration or getting a used car inspected before purchasing it. You must know the Inspection Checklist For buying A Used Car so that you know what mistakes are there in the car. Residents may simply get their vehicles inspected and registered at any of the Tasjeel locations because they are RTA approved testing facilities that adhere to federal traffic regulations.

Services At Tasjeel Vehicle Testing Centers

  • Vehicle Testing
  • RTA Registration Renewal
  • Car Valuation Certificate
  • Export Test
  • Comprehensive Test
  • Gulf Specification Test
  • Trailer Test
  • Motorbike Test
  • Battery Test
  • Car Paint Check
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Number Plate Services
  • Chassis Checking Service
  • VIP Service
  • Services For Heavy Vehicles
  • International Driving License
  • Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services

Guide To Tasjeel

1. Vehicle Testing

Every Year, drivers in UAE, must renew their car registration every year. With almost 40% of the UAE’s 3.5 million cars on Dubai’s roadways, hundreds of thousands of vehicles require registration renewal each year. It’s not surprising then, that vehicle testing is the most popular service provided by ENOC Tasjeel, as a vehicle must pass this test in order for its registration to be renewed.

Tasjeel engineers and technicians extensively check every part of the vehicle during this 45-minute test before giving it the green light. If something isn’t satisfactory, the vehicle fails, and the owner is instructed to fix the problem before returning it for inspection. Vehicle testing can be done at any of the Tasjeel locations.

Tasjeel Vehicle Testing Price:

  • 150 AED inspection of a light vehicle / light bus
  • 200 AED inspection of a heavy vehicle / heavy bus
  • 120 AED inspection of a motorcycle
  • 100 AED inspection of a quad bike
  • 150 AED inspection of a light mechanical equipment
  • 200 AED inspection of a heavy mechanical equipment
  • 50 AED re-inspection of a light vehicle / light bus
  • 75 AED re-inspection of heavy vehicle / heavy bus
  • 150 AED inspection of trailer and semi-trailer
  • 420 AED technical inspection of classical vehicle
  • 100 AED export technical inspection
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Process Time:
To inspect the vehicle

  • Light vehicle, light bus and motorcycle: 12 minutes.
  • Heavy vehicle, heavy bus and trailer and semi-trailer: 25 minutes.

To finish the process of the service

  • 5 minutes.

Where To Apply:

2. RTA Registration Renewal

After passing vehicle exam, vehicle owners may renew their registration at Tasjeel centers in Dubai & Sharjah. While RTA car registration renewal may now be done online, this may be advantageous for clients who want to use additional Tasjeel services.

Before applying for the Tasjeel automobile registration renewal, please verify that you have all of the essential paperwork required.

Tasjeel RTA Car Registration fees: AED 380 

3. Car Valuation Certificate

Tasjeel offers a car valuation service to receive an up-to-date and accurate market value of a vehicle. You can request a car value certificate after finishing the comprehensive.

Fees: AED 250 

Locations: Al Barsha, Al Qusais

4. Export Test

All export-ready cars in UAE must be examined and tested before exporting. This also applies to any inter Emirate car transfer. Tasjeel testing centers are the only ones authorized to conduct Export Tests.

Tasjeel Export Test fees: AED 25

5. Comprehensive Test

If you’re looking to buy a used car in UAE, Comprehensive Test is ideal. UAE has one of the world’s largest used vehicle dealer clusters. There are several used vehicle shops in UAE that sell verified used cars, and there are various benefits to buying a confirmed used car. One of the most significant benefits of buying a confirmed automobile is that the vehicle has previously been examined.

However, when buying from a private seller, it is always advisable to have the vehicles checked by a reputable facility, and Tasjeel is the finest place to do so. Tasjeel centers will provide you with an accurate assessment of the present state of the car before you buy it, allowing you to make an educated decision. The thorough test takes roughly 75 minutes to complete and includes a real-world driving test.

The Tasjeel comprehensive exam is only accessible at a limited number of testing centers. Al Barsha, Al Qusais, Al Twar, Al Aweer, and Al Warsan are among the Dubai locations. This service is exclusively available in Sharjah at the Auto Village Tasjeel center.

Tasjeel Comprehensive Test fees: AED 350

6. Gulf Specification Test

All cars in UAE are essentially categorized into two categories: GCC and Import. The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is a grouping of Gulf countries that includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. GCC spec cars are approved for usage in the environmental and road conditions found solely in these nations.

On the other side, hundreds of thousands of automobiles have been imported into the UAE from all over the world. If you intend to import a car into the UAE, it must first pass the Gulf Specification Test before it can be considered roadworthy. Tasjeel centers also provide the test and certification.

Gulf Specification Test fees: AED 330

7. Trailer Test

The first thing that springs to mind when I think of a trailer is a massive vehicle transporting items on a trailer. Smaller trailers, such as those used to transport an ATV or motorcycle to the desert for a fun trip, are likewise classified as trailers. Every trailer in UAE is required by law to be tested before it can be registered. Tasjeel centers also provide this service.

Tasjeel Trailer Test fees: AED 150

8. Motorcycle Test

In UAE, the number of motorbikes is substantially smaller than the number of vehicles. Motorcycles, however, are subject to the same rules and restrictions. Before you may renew your motorcycle’s registration, you must first take the Motorcycle Test at a Tasjeel center. Technicians will inspect every part of the motorbike before approving it for registration.

Tasjeel Motorbike Test fees: AED 120

9. Battery Test

Guide To Tasjeel - Battery Test
Guide To Tasjeel: Vehicle Testing Services, Fee & Location

A registration renewal exam and a thorough test both include the Battery exam. Tasjeel, on the other hand, offers a separate service to examine simply the battery and nothing else. This test evaluates the battery’s condition, voltage output, and ability to accept and keep an electric charge.

10. Car Paint Check

This is included in the previously mentioned Comprehensive Test when purchasing a secondhand car. However, if you are confident in a vehicle’s mechanical condition and are only concerned about whether it has been in an accident and has since been resprayed, the Car Paint Check service is for you.

Tasjeel professionals extensively inspect the paint on a vehicle to provide you with an accurate report on the state of the paint. This test will also reveal which areas of the vehicle have been repainted.

11. Fleet Management Services

This is a corporate service provided by Tasjeel and is the ideal solution for businesses with big fleets. Tasjeel Fleet Management Services get things done swiftly, whether it’s taxis, delivery cars, or trucks. Select Tasjeel locations feature fleet testing lanes that allow fleet cars to be fast tracked, reducing downtime. Tasjeel even employs fleet consultants to look after it’s fleet customers.

12. Number Plate Services

Tasjeel locations provide Number Plate Services, which include the installation of registration number plates on automobiles. The service is free at the time of initial registration. However, if you want to replace your license plate, you must pay a little cost. This service is only available at a few Tasjeel locations. This service is available at Al Barsha and Al Qusais in Dubai. Only Auto Village Tasjeel in Sharjah provides this service.

Tasjeel Number Plate Service fees: AED 120

13. Chassis Checking Service

Guide To Tasjeel Chassis Checking Service
Guide To Tasjeel: Vehicle Testing Services, Fee & Location

The Chassis Checking Service is another useful Tasjeel service for customers purchasing or selling secondhand automobiles. With the Tasjeel Chassis Check, you may be entirely pleased with the vehicle’s condition. The Tasjeel prices for this service vary depending on whether the car is light or heavy.

Tasjeel Chassis Checking fees: AED 475

14. VIP Service

If you need to renew your car registration or use one of Tasjeel’s various services but have a hectic schedule, Tajeel’s VIP Service is for you. By paying a little charge and using the VIP Service, you may expedite your work at Tasjeel.

Tasjeel VIP Service fees: AED 150

15. Services For Heavy Vehicles

In addition to the services described above for cars and motorcycles, Tasjeel also provides services for big vehicles such as buses, lorries, and other heavy gear on wheels. All of these may be obtained at Tasjeel centers or through a mobile examination.

16. International Driving License

If you have a UAE driving license, you may drive in most countries without having to obtain a local driving license. The sole stipulation is that you must have an International Driving License issued by UAE government.

Tasjeel centers provide International Driving Licenses. Applying for an International Driving License is a straightforward procedure. You just need to provide your UAE driving license, Emirates ID, and two passport size photographs. This service is only available at the Al Barsha and Al Qusais centers in Dubai, and exclusively at the Auto Village center in Sharjah.

UAE International Driving License fees: AED 200

17. Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services

There are many cars that are impractical to transport to a testing facility. It is difficult to transport cars to the Tasjeel site for testing, whether it is a limited edition 1 of 3 Lamborghini Veneno that costs over AED 35 million or one of those enormous trucks used to handle extra heavy cargoes.

Tasjeel provides Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services for this same reason. The testing is done in the user’s home, which obviously costs more than a standard test. Furthermore, a minimum booking of five cars is necessary to use the Mobile Inspection service. Also Check For Inspection Checklist For buying A Used Car In UAE.

Tasjeel Location

Tasjeel In Dubai

  • Tasjeel Al Barsha: +971-4-347-3619
  • Tasjeel Al Qusais: +971-4-267-0290
  • Tasjeel Al Aweer: +971-4-333-1510
  • Tasjeel Al Warsan: +971-4-333-6679
  • Tasjeel JAFZA: +971-4-883-0067
  • Tasjeel Hatta: +971-4-852-8121
  • Tasjeel Al Twar: +971-4-257-3778
  • Tasjeel Discovery Gardens: 800-3662

Tasjeel In Sharjah

  • Tasjeel Sharjah Auto Village (06-548-7117)
  • Al Dhaid (06 539 9040)
  • Abu Shagara (800-3662)

There is also a center in Khor Fakkan, which may be contacted at 09-238-3480.

Tasjeel Timing

Tasjeel’s operating hours vary by location, which you may find out by calling the numbers listed above. Some centers even provide 24 hour services seven days a week to make life easier for UAE citizens.

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