5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE

5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE

Lexus is a luxury automobile manufacturer with a strong presence in UAE market. They provide a diverse choice of high quality automobiles recognized for their dependability, performance, and luxury amenities. The ES, LS, UX, and LC are some of the most popular Lexus vehicles in UAE. Go ahead and read the whole article to know more in detail of 5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE.


The Lexus ES is a medium luxury vehicle that combines comfort, performance, and safety. It is driven by a 3.5 liters V6 engine with 302 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque. The inside of the ES is roomy and well designed, with comfortable seating for up to five people. It also has a number of driver aid and safety systems, including as automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning.


Lexus LS is a full size luxury car with exceptional power, performance, and elegance. It is powered by 3.5 liters V6 engine that produces 416 horsepower and 442 pound feet of torque. LS interior is opulent and well crafted, with room for upto five people. It also has an advanced safety technologies such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and a lane departure warning.


Lexus UX is tiny luxury crossover SUV that is both attractive and enjoyable to drive. It boasts a 2.0 liters four cylinder engine that produces 169 horsepower and 151 pound feet of torque, as well as an electric motor that produces an additional 181 horsepower. UX has a nice cabin with comfortable seating and a lots of legroom for both the driver and passengers.

Overall, Lexus cars in UAE are an excellent choice for drivers who appreciate elegance, performance, and dependability. There is Lexus cars for every driver’s needs and tastes, with a vast choice of models to pick from.

Starting Price Of 5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE

Sr. No.ModelsStarting Price In UAE
1Lexus LX 570AED 329,995
2Used Lexus LX 470AED 17,000 – 30,000
3Used Lexus LS 430AED 19,000 – 30,000
4Lexus ES 350AED 210,000
5Lexus IS 350AED 207,000
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Lexus LX 570

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus LX 570
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


The New Lexus LX 570 is a three row full size luxury Vehicle. It shares its body-on-frame underpinnings with the Toyota Land Cruiser as Lexus’ flagship SUV. The LX 570 is similarly capable off-road as that vehicle, but it is significantly more comfortable and tastefully fitted because it is a Lexus. The LX nameplate debuted for the 1996 model year; it is now in its third iteration and had a thorough revamp for 2016.


The Lexus LX 570 is a luxury dinosaur. While exceptionally luxurious and opulently equipped, its antiquated foundations and lack of modern features reflect its age in comparison to younger competition.


The LX’s basic adaptive suspension delivers a fantastic ride on the road, but it keels significantly in bends and lowers its nose towards the tarmac while braking. Its strong V-8 engine is kept back by the automatic transmission’s high gearing and cautious programming. All of this adds up to a pretty unwieldy driving experience from this enormous beast.


The LX 570 is one of the few vehicles that combines elegance with off-road capabilities. We found it to be extremely smooth on flat, broad trails, while the vehicle’s sheer size can make it difficult to maneuver steep, tight terrain. Using the usual low range increases off-road drivability, owing to the incorporated crawl control and turn assist functions, which improve maneuverability.


The experience within the cabin is mixed. It’s large, pleasant, and well-appointed, yet it’s strangely plasticky. Additionally, the center console is littered with a bewildering assortment of buttons, and Lexus’ touchpad-controlled infotainment system is in desperate need of an update. The fact that only one front-row USB port is standard and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not accessible demonstrates that this huge Lexus was designed before the contemporary age.


Perhaps the LX 570’s old-school vibe adds to its allure, especially given its off-road prowess. Nonetheless, logic indicates that this beast will spend the vast majority of its time on paved roads. It will keep passengers comfortable, but so will its competitors, many of which are newer and have more features than the LX 570. Grab one before they’re all gone or don’t.


The Lexus LX 570 is powered by a 5.7-liter V-8 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive as standard. The maximum towing weight is 7,000 pounds. The EPA estimates fuel efficiency as 12/16 mpg city/highway.

Lexus LX 470

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus LX 470
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


Lexus LX 470 is a premium SUV that was formerly sold in Dubai. From 1998 to 2007, it was noted for its off-road skills, dependability, and big cabin. 4.7 liter V8 engine in the Lexus LX 470 developed 275 horsepower and 332 lbft of torque. It was combined with a four speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive all the time. The Vehicle also included a locking center differential and a low range transfer case, making it ideal for off roading.


In terms of equipment, Lexus LX 470 had leather upholstery, heated front seats, automatic temperature control, and a premium sound system. Motorized sunroof and rear seat entertainment were also provided.

Lexus LS 430

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus LS 430
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


Lexus LS 430 is a premium car that was previously sold in UAE. It was manufactured between 2000 and 2006 and was recognized for its smooth ride, luxurious interior, and modern technologies.


4.3 liters V8 engine in Lexus LS 430 developed 278 horsepower and 312 lb ft of torque. It came with a six speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive. In addition, the car had modern safety systems including as stability control, traction control, and a brake assist system.


Lexus LS 430 was equipped with a number of luxuries, including leather upholstery, heated and cooled front seats, automatic temperature control, and a premium sound system. A GPS system, a rearview camera, and a motorized sunroof were among the other goodies.


Lexus LS 430 is no longer manufactured, it is still available on UAE second hand cars in UAE market. If you want to buy used Lexus LS 430 in UAE, I recommend looking into local dealerships and online classifieds websites to locate suitable possibilities. Before making a purchase, it is critical to properly check the vehicle and take it for a test drive to confirm its condition and dependability.

Lexus ES 350

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus ES 350
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


Lexus ES 350 is ideal for those who want to improve their driving abilities. This New cars in Dubai is likely to impress everybody who sees it, thanks to its intriguing appearance and cutting edge technologies.


Lexus ES 350 is a mid size luxury car that initially appeared on the market in 2006. Seventh generation model has made waves in the automobile market since then in UAE, swiftly becoming a favorite among vehicle fans.


Lexus ES 350’s gorgeous appearance is one of its most notable qualities. Sleek and classy look of a car is likely to turn heads on the road. Aerodynamic design of the car not only increases its visual appeal but also its fuel economy.


Lexus ES 350 has also been an outstanding performance that drivers will undoubtedly love. It’s strong engine of the car provides a smooth and a quiet ride, making it a perfect alternative for an individuals looking for a premium driving experience.


ES 350 is loaded with cutting edge technology that improves the driving experience. Vehicle is outfitted with a high quality entertainment system, enhanced safety measures, and a slew of driver aid functions. ES 350 also has a number of connectivity options, allowing drivers to stay connected to their gadgets while on the road.

Lexus IS 350

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus IS 350 2021
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


The 2021 Lexus IS looks as good as it feels, with a boldly revised exterior and a broader stance. Each audacious design cue harkens back to its aerodynamic origins, from the dramatic hourglass form of its shoulder lines to the wide front fenders that flawlessly merge with its extended hood. The 2021 IS is 30 millimeters wider than its predecessor and more aggressive from every angle. It also has enlarged front and rear fenders to suit its bigger wheels and Premium Triple-Beam LED headlights to increase visibility on the road.


The 2021 IS is a full 30 millimeters wider than its predecessor, making it more aggressive from every angle. It also has enlarged front and rear fenders to suit its bigger wheels and Premium Triple-Beam LED headlights to improve road presence.


V6 3.5 liter engine 311 BHP in terms of horsepower 400 Newton meter torque Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive 8 speed Sport Direct Shift transmission. IS350 2021 blends contemporary design with great comfort. The redesigned inside is centered on the driver, with hand selected leather features such as the shift knob and steering wheel.


The IS’s seating is as adjustable as it is eye catching. The low set, eight way power adjustable front seats are quite comfortable, and the standard 60/40 split fold down rear seats are extremely versatile. You may use Apple CarPlay to access the same familiar interface from your iPhone via the vehicle’s touchscreen multimedia display. Just connect your iPhone to Siri to obtain directions, make calls, and send and receive messages.

Lexus LX 600

5 best Lexus cars in UAE Lexus LX 600
5 Best Lexus Cars In UAE


An intuitively responsive Adaptive Variable Suspension allows you to set your chosen level of road feel, while optional Active Height Control defaults to a lower center of gravity at highway speeds for improved stability and handling. Furthermore, the technology can detect a fast turn of the steering wheel as you enter a curve and instantly modify the suspension to assist decrease body roll.


The New Lexus LX 600 pushes the bounds of capabilities with a suite of optional advanced off-road technology including as Active Height Control, Multi-Terrain Select, and Crawl Control with Turn Assist. The only issue is, which path will you take first?


An intuitively responsive Adaptive Variable Suspension allows you to choose the amount of road feel you want, while optional Active Height Control defaults to a lower center of gravity at highway speeds for improved stability and handling. Furthermore, the technology can detect a fast turn of the steering wheel as you approach a curve and instantly modify the suspension to assist decrease body roll.


Lexus Interface* links you smoothly through touchscreen or voice. Intelligent Assistant, one of the advantages of an active Drive Connect trial or subscription, becomes wiser over time. Moreover, it seamlessly interacts with Apple CarPlay® or Android AutoTM. It’s the ease of having more than 19 inches of screen access, including a bottom display that’s meant to inform rather than distract. This is technology as it should be, when combined with next-generation off-road video systems and an optional audio system that immerses you in three-dimensional sound.


From low-light pedestrian detection and daytime biker detection* technology to a built-in camera that aids in the provision of road sign information,* this suite of class-leading standard active safety equipment* is the most complete safety system ever offered in the LX.

  1. 2023 Lexus RX. Compare Model. Pros. Great fuel economy.
  2. 2023 Lexus NX. Compare Model. Pros. Refined ride and quiet cabin.
  3. 2023 Lexus ES. Compare Model. Pros. Library-quiet interior.
  4. 2023 Lexus LX. Compare Model. Pros. Great off-road capabilities.
  5. 2023 Lexus UX. Compare Model. Pros. Class-leading fuel economy.

The most popular Lexus SUV models among UAE Car buyers are the Lexus LX, Lexus RX, Lexus GX, and Lexus RX L. The Lexus GX 2022 is the most affordable model, costing AED 220,000, while the Lexus LX 2022 is the most costly, costing AED 500,000.

The 2022 Lexus NX has the most best modern technology features.

Lexus is a well known premium brand for a variety of reasons. Lexus distinguishes itself by producing high quality, sleek, and sophisticated cars that retain their worth for a lengthy period of time. Most industry experts agree that Lexus is the best choice for a dependable vehicle with a good resale value.


The Lexus has been a very popular car in UAE for several decades, offering a range of models that cater to different preferences and needs. From reliable and affordable Lexus LS 400 to the spacious and advanced Lexus LX 570, Lexus has established itself as the luxury and respected car brand in UAE. The latest models, such as 2023 Lexus LX 570 and Lexus ES 350 2023, feature modern designs,14-WAY POWER-ADJUSTABLE DRIVER’S SEAT QUILTED SEMI-ANILINE LEATHER–TRIMMED INTERIOR WOOD TRIM WITH AMBIENT LIGHTING.


Furthermore, the launch of performance oriented vehicles such as the Lexus IS 350 demonstrates that Lexus is catering to driving aficionados in UAE. Overall, Lexus cars are regarded in UAE for their Luxury dependability, affordability, modern amenities, and elegant aesthetics, making them a popular option among UAE buyers.

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