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Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

Road signs may be seen nearly everywhere there is a road, and in addition to delivering information, they can save lives by warning drivers of oncoming diversions, road conditions, bumps, pedestrian crossings, and other hazards. A vehicle operator must understand and pay attention to road signs as well as the road itself. Failure to respect road signs in UAE is considered breaking traffic regulations and may result in a penalty such as fine or black points on your driving license. Road signs in UAE should not be regarded as a nuisance, but rather as a means of protecting everyone’s safety.

The UAE has some of the best-designed roads in the world, as evidenced by its ranking in the World Road Quality Index, which puts it ahead of industrialized nations like Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom & France. Despite an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, UAE has managed to keep the number of road traffic injuries and accidents under control.

Road signs have played an important role in preventing this number from rising by regulating traffic, giving critical visual advice, and warning vehicles of possible road hazards. Drivers should also keep up to date on new traffic signs when they are introduced by the government. Now, let’s take a closer look at the road signs in UAE.

Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

1. Mandatory Traffic Signs

These are traffic signs that must be obeyed without exception. They tell the motorist of a specific course of action that must be taken when traveling on a certain length of road. Speed Limits, Roundabouts with Direction Arrows, Keep Right or Keep Left, Ahead Only, and Turn Right are examples of necessary traffic signs.

2. Control Signs

Control Signs describe what action must be taken in a certain scenario. They give clear instructions such as “Give Way to Pedestrians,” “Do Not Enter This Road,” “Stop,” “Drive Straight Ahead,” “Go Left,” “Go Right,” and so on.

3. Parking Control Signs

Parking Control Signs
Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

These signs show what kind of parking is permitted in specific localities. Some areas are reserved for specific types of vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, taxis, and buses. Others indicate when parking is permitted, while others state that no parking is permitted in a specific area.

4. Handicapped Parking

Handicapped Parking
Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

These signs indicate that only disabled drivers are permitted to park in the designated spots since they enable simpler access. Handicapped drivers must obtain and display the relevant permission when parking in these specific zones.

5. Advance Warning Signs

These signs are intended to warn drivers ahead of time of what to anticipate. They notify the motorist and give them ample time to prepare so that they do not panic or miss what is ahead. U-turns, T Junctions Ahead, Two Way Traffic, Steep Hills, and so on are examples.

6. Prohibitory Road Signs

7. Trailblazing Guide Signs

Trailblazing Guide Signs
Important Road Signs In UAE & What They Mean

These signs alert drivers that they are on the correct route to their destination. They are easily identified because they have a different color scheme and clearly state the destination as well as a direction sign.

  • Blue: Emphasizes national roads and shows the Emirates route sign.
  • Green: Highlights local Dubai routes and represents the Dubai route’s insignia.
  • White: Emphasizes local routes, areas of interest, or destinations.
  • Brown: Contains more information as well as symbols that designate a specific location.

8. Hazard Marker Signs

These signs are placed to warn drivers of impending risks to which they must pay particular attention. They identify physical road risks that must be avoided. They include hazard markers, a single chevron to the left, multiple chevrons to the right, a T-junction chevron, and so on.

9. Exit Direction Signs

These signs advise drivers on which lanes to use and maintain in order to reach an exit. The white exit panel indicates which lane to take in order to depart smoothly.

10. Other Important Traffic Signs

These signs are intended to alert cars to significant locations such as hospitals, school zones, and diplomat parking. Other signs in this category function as supplementary information signs, highlighting situations such as road clear, no turning for lorries, no through road, priority over vehicles coming from the opposite direction, countdown markers, traffic diversion, lane ahead close, reduce speed now, and so on.

Though drivers must know these road signs in order to pass the test and obtain their license, it is always a good idea to refresh your knowledge on a regular basis to avoid breaking traffic laws in UAE. New rules or signs may be added over time, and it is the driver’s responsibility to stay current.


In UAE, road signs are critical to maintaining safe and efficient traffic movement. UAE has an extensive road sign system that is designed to fulfill international standards and regulations. These signs include required signs, warning signs, and educational signs that alert drivers about the road ahead.

To keep safe when driving, All drivers should be aware of the many types of traffic signs and what they imply. Drivers should also obey speed limits and pay strict attention to road conditions to safeguard their safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Overall, road signs are an important part of UAE road safety and should be taken seriously by all drivers.

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