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9 Essential Driving Tips For Senior Citizens In UAE

9 Essential Driving Tips For Senior Citizens In UAE

Driving safely is more than simply a talent. It is a therapeutic hobby that allows people to go to new destinations while also giving them time to rest and unwind. It necessitates both road signs and traffic laws. However, as we become older, even simple tasks like moving our heads appear more difficult. Learn the top 9 safe driving tips for senior citizens in UAE to help you stay safe on the road. Read our expert guide on driving tips for senior citizens.

However, taking additional precautions and following a few safe driving recommendations may provide older individuals in UAE with a safe driving experience.

Here Are Some Driving Safety Tips For Senior Citizens Of UAE

1. Get Your Physical Health Checked

Getting your physical health checked is one of the most important pieces of driving advice. The entire musculoskeletal system may alter as we age. Simply put, stiff joints and muscles are a common age related health issue for many senior persons. One of the most critical pieces of car driving advice, in this case, is to be checked for stiffness, soreness, and other joint and muscle disorders.

This driving advice will make it much easier to turn around bends and navigate safely, as turning the steering wheel at the optimum moment and with the appropriate velocity requires enough joint and muscle strength and flexibility. For the elderly with joint and muscle difficulties, driving a car with an automatic gearbox can be simple and uncomplicated. Furthermore, an aged person must retain good health and agility through a workout regimen.

2. Get Your Vision And Hearing Checked

Driving with impaired eyesight or progressive loss of hearing in one or both ears can be hazardous. As a result, routine vision and hearing tests are required for safe driving. In addition, anyone with eyesight problems should only drive during the day and never at night.

On the other hand, it is advised that older persons with hearing problems drive while wearing hearing aids and maintain a safe distance from other cars on the road. One of the most prominent pieces of driving safety advice must be followed.

3. Check The Weather Before Driving

Driving according to the weather is essential driving advice for older persons. The roads are moist during the rainy season, forcing the car to slide. Driving during a sandstorm also lowers visibility significantly. It is advised that elders drive when the weather is bright and clear.

Furthermore, elders should travel on familiar routes since they are easier to manage and less stressful.

4. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Top 9 Safest Driving Tips For Senior Citizens Of UAE - Get Plenty Of Sleep
9 Essential Driving Tips For Senior Citizens In UAE

Getting enough sleep allows for increased alertness & safety while driving. However, if you are sleep deprived and have not slept adequately for a few days, it is best to drive cautiously. To ensure road safety, seniors should obtain eight to nine hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel.

5. Refrain From Driving In Crowds

Driving in congested areas may be stressful since there is less space for vehicles to navigate. Crowded roadways can be especially frightening for older persons and in areas with a lot of pedestrians, cyclists, & other vehicles.

A driving suggestion for elderly people is to avoid driving in such situations and instead choose public transit to lessen the chance of accidents or injury.

6. Plan The Journey In Advance

Top 9 Safest Driving Tips For Senior Citizens Of UAE - Plan The journey in advance
9 Essential Driving Tips For Senior Citizens In UAE

Senior people should plan their journey to reduce the risk of driving. Study the maps to become familiar with the routes and/or exits leading to the destination. Route planning eliminates distractions and stress. Another senior driving suggestion is to avoid listening to loud music, checking mobile phones, or munching when driving on new roads.

7. Know Your Route

Take some time to plan your itinerary before you begin your travel. Consider traffic, construction, and weather forecasts that may have an influence on your journey. If at all possible, avoid congested roads and high speed freeways.

When driving, pay strict attention to road signs and signals. Keep an eye out for changes in road conditions, such as speed restrictions, diversions, and construction zones. Always follow traffic regulations & modify your speed based on road and weather conditions.

Avoiding distractions while driving is another good advice. Keep your eyes on road & avoid using your phone or eating while driving. If you need to contact or text someone, pull over to a safe location and use your phone.

8. Constantly Upgrade Driving Skills

Another piece of advice for keeping seniors and other drivers on the road safe is to keep their driving abilities up to date. Because traffic rules in UAE change often, it is important to consult with experienced drivers to improve your driving skills.

Senior people can enroll in any of the refresher courses offered by local organizations or community education initiatives. These courses are specifically developed for elderly persons and keep them up to date, giving them more confidence to drive on the highways.

9. Use Aids If Required

Senior people are urged to utilize driving aids to improve road safety. Hearing aids, lumbar support, coccyx cushions, panoramic mirrors, & goggles all improve comfort and awareness, lowering the chance of an accident.


People must preserve their freedom and mobility as they age. Driving safely is one method to do this. To be safe on the road and enjoy their freedom, senior adults can adopt safe driving practices.

If a senior driver owns a used car, Carclub.ae’s safe driving rules may be beneficial. These rules can give helpful advice and suggestions for safe driving, such as how to maintain a safe following distance, adjust mirrors appropriately, and utilize signals and brakes efficiently. Senior drivers can lower their risk of accidents and drive safely for many years by following these tips.

Driving safely is especially crucial for older individuals, who may have delayed response times or impaired eyesight and hearing. Senior drivers may stay safe on the road and keep their freedom and mobility by being conscious of their limitations and taking efforts to adjust to them

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