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The Top 5 Parks & Nature Attractions to Visit in the UAE

The Top 5 Parks & Nature Attractions to Visit in the UAE

Dubai is known as the Gulf’s global city, and it’s not hard to see why. Its world-class hotels, shopping malls, and iconic attractions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Dubai has to offer, and its natural parks and nature attractions are some of the most popular on the list. With more than 100 parks in Dubai alone, choosing which to visit can be difficult. Make sure you check out these top 5 parks & nature attractions in the UAE before your next trip!

Top 5 Parks & Nature Attractions to Visit in the UAE

1) Al Qasba Park

Al Qasba Park, also known as Al Qasba Society, is a park located on one of Sharjah’s most picturesque and well-maintained corniches (sidewalks). It features a lighthouse that can be climbed, covered shaded areas, boat rides along the marina and jogging paths. The park has an open air theatre and hosts many festivals year round including a Children’s Festival. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes to stop by for a bite to eat or cold drink. The park is always filled with families picnicking on weekends but it’s especially busy during Ramadan when residents come here for their evening meals.

2) Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo is a free-entry zoo located close to Sharjah’s city center. Many of Dubai Zoo’s animals are rescues, especially smaller mammals like donkeys and monkeys. The zoo also has breeding programs for larger species, like tigers and leopards. There’s even a section with pheasants and other colorful birds. The park itself is well maintained but can get crowded on holidays or during school holidays—definitely avoid coming on weekends if you want to see animals without fighting traffic jams of tour buses. It’s best for kids 6 and up, but younger kids will have fun too if they can handle crowds.

3) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Mosque

Completed in 2007, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Mosque is a remarkable structure that hosts five daily prayers as well as Friday prayer. The mosque has two minarets, each covered with intricate mosaics of approximately 1 million handmade tesserae (glass and stone pieces). Visitors can enjoy seeing these pieces up close and personal during special visits on Fridays when all visitors are invited for an inside look at what goes into creating such beautiful mosaics.

4) Jebel Jais Mountain

Jebel Jais Mountain is an impressive peak that towers over Ras Al Khaimah, known locally as Jebel or Mount Jais. At 3,087 meters (10,125 feet) high, it’s a popular place for rock climbers and mountain hikers. The mountain is relatively easy to climb for those with any experience climbing; most of its summit is about 3,000 meters above sea level.

5) Dibba Beach (Souk Madinat Dibba)

Dibba is a stretch of beautiful beach on an island just off the coast of Fujairah. The waters are crystal clear and, when you get tired of sunbathing or swimming, there’s plenty of seafood for sale. And don’t forget about camel rides! There are also several hotels nearby with water sports (e.g., jet skiing), massage parlors, and other attractions that add to Dibba’s appeal.

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