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Comprehensive Overview of Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate

Comprehensive Overview of Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate

Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate, If you’ve recently moved to Abu Dhabi or are a frequent driver, you may have heard of the Darb Toll Gate. You may be wondering about the system and its rules, which is why we’ve brought you this article.

This guide contains all the important information and details about Darb in Abu Dhabi, so read on to find all the answers you need.

Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate
Comprehensive Overview of Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate

What is Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate?

Darb is a toll collection system in Abu Dhabi that will be implemented on 2 January 2021. The aim of the system is to reduce traffic congestion across the emirate and encourage residents to use public transport more to reduce congestion. It’s also a smart system as it uses automated toll booths and sensors instead of actual gates, saving you the time and hassle of having to pay in person at each gate. What’s more, registration with the Darb Toll Gates system is not just for Abu Dhabi residents, but for all UAE residents who pass through any of the toll gates.

How Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate Works?

The Darb Toll Gate System works with the latest technologies; the toll gates are automated, so as soon as you pass through one of them, your vehicle is identified by its number plate and a certain fee is deducted from your account.

What’s more, you don’t need to attach any tags to your vehicle – the number plate is enough. The process is so simple and hassle-free to make it easy for you.

Locations Darb Toll Gates?

The Darb toll plazas are located on the four bridges leading into Abu Dhabi; the plazas are located at

Sheikh Zayed Bridge
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bridge
Al Maqtaa Bridge
Mussafah Bridge.

Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate Timing?

In Abu Dhabi, drivers should be aware of the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Timing. Charges are only levied during peak hours, which are from 07:00 to 09:00 and again from 17:00 to 19:00, Monday to Saturday. The good news is that you won’t be charged by the DARB outside these times on weekdays. So plan your journeys wisely!

Morning peak hours: 7am – 9am
Evening peak times: 5pm – 7pm

Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate Peak Timing?

The Darb Toll is charged daily during peak hours only. This means that if you pass through the gates at other times of the day, you won’t be charged.

Here are the peak times for the Darb Toll Gates:

Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate Charges?

The Darb fee is the same during the morning and evening rush hours. You should also pay the fee each time you pass through the Darb toll gates.

Darb Fee: AED 4

How do I register for a Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate?

You can easily register for an account through Darb’s official website or mobile application. You will also need the following documents to register

The traffic code number
Your Emirates ID
Mobile number registered in the traffic file
Active personal email address.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register for an account through the Darb Toll Gates system:

Firstly, you should download Darb Toll Gates mobile application or open its official website to start the registration process
Click on the “Create New Account” section
Then select the service type “Individual
Enter your email address
You will then receive an OTP on the email, which you should enter immediately
Select the emirate in which your vehicle is registered
Enter your vehicle’s registration number
Select the registered mobile phone number
Enter the OTP message you receive on your mobile phone
Choose your password and confirm it
Finally, online registration with the Darb Toll Gates system is complete.

How can you add funds to your Abu Dhabi Darb Toll Gate?

You can add funds to your wallet by logging into your Darb account. Here are the different ways to do it after logging in:

You can click on the “Top-up” button next to the name of your wallet.
From the vehicles page, simply click on any of your vehicles and the system will allow you to top up the selected wallet.
You can also top up your wallet from your profile page by pressing on your name at the top right of the screen.
If you’re still wondering how to top up your account using the Darb Toll Gates system, it’s by loading your wallet; it’s the same process.

Before going through the Darb Toll Gates, you can easily check your balance on your account to avoid any violations.

How do you pay Darb’s Toll Gate Fee?

You can pay the Darb’s fee by funding your account wallet; the fee will then be automatically deducted each time you pass through one of the toll gates.

You can also top up your Darb’s wallet from your account via the website or mobile app using your credit/debit card.

Do I need a Darb account for each vehicle I own?

No, you don’t, because you can add more than one vehicle to the same account. Also, the Darb website is connected to the Federal Traffic System, so whenever you have a new car, it will appear in the system.

How can you know about your Darb fines?

You can easily know about your Darb’s fine

s by checking your account through the website or the mobile application.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle?

The total registration fee is AED 100 per vehicle; it’s divided into AED 50 for the registration and AED 50 as a balance in your account wallet.

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