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The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Suzuki Jimny: Next Generation

The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Suzuki Jimny: Next Generation

2024 Suzuki Jimny carries forward a storied legacy in the realm of compact 4×4 vehicles, spanning five remarkable decades. While it may not boast vast dimensions or luxurious comforts, it does encompass a range of modern amenities expected from a contemporary automobile. Moreover, it incorporates commendable safety features. This charmingly rustic vehicle draws its appeal from tradition and simplicity, offering straightforward and affordable motoring. When it comes to off-road capabilities, it excels. In 2019, it underwent a comprehensive ground-up redesign, now featuring a single powertrain option: Suzuki’s efficient 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired with a choice of a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Suzuki Jimny

The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Suzuki Jimny: Next Generation

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Suzuki Jimny Exterior

The Suzuki Jimny’s visual transformation at the front end has seen a substantial overhaul. In contrast to its predecessor, the facelift in the new iteration exhibits a more level and streamlined demeanor. Although Suzuki has revisited the circular headlamp design reminiscent of some of its earlier models, the grille continues to showcase the vertical slats that characterized the prior model. All in all, when juxtaposed with the subtly curved body of the third-generation edition, this latest iteration presents a more angular and boxy form.

You have the option to equip either a pair of LED projector headlamps or a pair of reflector halogen headlights accompanied by foglights at the front of the automobile. These retro-inspired lights are positioned within a unique grille that imparts a distinctive character to the vehicle. The relatively compact SUV boasts broader fender flares, enhancing its visibility and three-dimensional appeal. The rear taillights are positioned lower on the rear bumper, lending it a more utilitarian appearance reminiscent of classic jeeps.

The Jimny offers a diverse array of vivid colors, but when it comes to the GL variants, they are limited to the options of Pearl Bluish Black 3 and Metallic Silky Silver. Solid Jungle Green, Solid Medium Gray, and White, on the other hand, are the color selections that span across all the premium GLX versions. Opting for a GLX model in the exclusive two-tone shades of Solid Kinetic Yellow, Metallic Brisk Blue, or Metallic Chiffon Ivory is an excellent decision for those in search of a vehicle adorned with attention-grabbing paint choices.

Suzuki Jimny Interior

Furthermore, substantial enhancements have been applied to the interior, deserving praise. The dashboard’s design and the materials used within the cabin are notably more commendable. To enhance both convenience and safety, the steering wheel has been revised to incorporate audio controls. It’s worth noting that the seats, instead of being upholstered in leather, maintain a fabric covering. This choice proves more effective in securing occupants during off-road adventures, mitigating body rolls and ensuring stability.

Engine, Power and Transmission

Powering the Suzuki Jimny is a 1.5-liter K15B engine, delivering 101 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. You have a choice between two transmissions: a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. The GL variant offers both a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual, while the GLX exclusively offers a 4-speed automatic.

The Suzuki Jimny’s suspension and chassis have been meticulously crafted for off-road capabilities. In this fourth-generation iteration, denoted by the JB75W chassis code, it features two sets of three-link rigid axles in both the front and rear. Remarkably, even at its highest trim level, the Jimny maintains a lightweight stature, tipping the scales at just 1,110 kilograms, yet it surpasses the 1,000-kilogram threshold, underscoring its impressive capabilities.

Infotainment Features

Despite its vintage exterior, the interior of the Jimny is a testament to modernity, featuring state-of-the-art technologies. Suzuki has incorporated a nine-inch multimedia infotainment system, which not only showcases the backup camera but also displays the clinometer. This system can establish connections via USB, Bluetooth, and iPod connection software. Additionally, the vehicle boasts automatic LED headlights with a manual level adjustment, cruise control, automatic air conditioning complete with a pollen filter, and a rear camera accompanied by parking sensors. All these attributes are encompassed within the Jimny GLX model.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

he Suzuki Jimny comes equipped with dual front airbags, ensuring the safety of both driver and passenger. It also includes seatbelt reminders for both occupants and ISOFIX tethers for securing child seats. In terms of structural safety, side-impact door beams shield the cabin from external forces in the event of an accident.

For added driver support, the vehicle features hill hold control, hill descent control, ABS with brake aid, and stability control. This comprehensive safety package is further enhanced with the inclusion of a backup camera, particularly valuable in high variants, and can be complemented by a set of reverse proximity sensors for added convenience and safety.

Suzuki Jimny Price in UAE

The Suzuki Jimny is available in a variety of versions ranging from AED 115,000 to AED 124,500 for the 2024 SUV.

Is the Jimny a good everyday car?

the Jimny 4×4 stands as a highly capable off-road vehicle, but it also demonstrates its merit as a pleasant daily driver, especially when measured against its competitors. While it may not intimidate the vehicle ahead in the rearview mirror, it excels at ensuring the comfort and entertainment of its own occupants during every journey.

What are the benefits of a Jimny?

Jimny is equipped with an all-grip pro 4×4 system. You can opt for a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. Design and dimensions: Jimny’s compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight places and city streets. It makes it easier to park.

Is Suzuki Jimny fuel efficient?

The Suzuki Jimny has earned a reputation as an off-road vehicle ideally suited for warm climates and muddy terrains, renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency. When strategizing your road adventures, accounting for the Suzuki Jimny’s fuel consumption can yield both time and cost savings.

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