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4 Simple Ways | How to Sell Your Car in Dubai

4 Simple Ways | How to Sell Your Car in Dubai

Sell Your Car in Dubai, It is a fact that cars are a temporary possession. As a car ages, maintenance and running costs increase to a point where it is no longer economically viable to keep it. Occasionally, car owners may decide to sell their car due to boredom or to unlock funds during an economic crisis, such as a global pandemic. There are several ways to sell a car in the UAE, some more challenging than others. Here is a list of the 4 best ways to sell your car in Dubai.

Online Marketplace

Selling a car has become easier with the availability of numerous websites and channels. CarsClub.AE is the most popular used car marketplace, followed by social media platforms have emerged as influential players in the realm of online car sales. Facebook and Instagram Marketplace have capitalized on their vast user bases and sophisticated targeting algorithms to create dynamic marketplaces where individuals can buy and sell a wide range of goods, including cars.

Instant Cash Car Sale services

When selling your car for cash quickly, services like Sell Any Car or Car Switch can provide a convenient solution by offering cash on the spot. While they streamline the process and eliminate the hassle of waiting for potential buyers or dealing with complicated paperwork, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks. However, it is important to be aware of the trade-offs involved in opting for such services. Sell Any Car and Car Switch offer immediate cash payment, but it is important to note that the prices offered may be below market value due to various factors. These factors include the need for these services to turn a profit by reselling the vehicles at a higher price. Furthermore, it is important to note that the valuation process used by these services may not always accurately reflect the true value of the car, which can result in lower offers than expected by sellers.

Auto Markets

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a thriving automotive market with various options for selling cars. Two of the most well-known and widely recognized markets are the Dubai Al Awir Car Market and Sharjah Souq Al Haraj. These markets are conveniently located along the E311 highway, making them easily accessible to both buyers and sellers. They are open throughout the week and provide a bustling environment where individuals can quickly sell their vehicles.

One of the main benefits of these markets is the speed of transactions. Sellers can expect a relatively quick process, enabling them to sell their cars without the extended waiting periods often associated with private sales or traditional dealerships.

Cars Auctions

Auction houses such as Copart and Emirates Auction specialize in selling vehicles ‘as is where is’, making them ideal for individuals dealing with damaged or salvaged cars. By selling through these auctions, sellers can mitigate the challenges associated with marketing and selling damaged vehicles independently. They can rely on the expertise and infrastructure of the auction house to facilitate the sale efficiently.

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4 Simple Ways | How to Sell Your Car in Dubai

Seller Guide : How to Sell Your Car in Dubai

Research the Car Price Before Quoting

If you are considering selling your car, it is important to conduct thorough research. Good research is beneficial for both buyers and sellers, as it helps them make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes. In the case of selling used cars in Dubai, research can assist sellers in determining the optimal price for their vehicles. The three key factors that determine a car’s value are mileage, condition, and age. It is advisable to set a realistic price to simplify the process.

Unrealistically high prices can discourage prospective buyers and make the process complex and lengthy. Researching market prices of similar models and conditions is vital before setting a car price. Realistic prices attract more used car buyers in Dubai and deliver a positive message about your intent to sell. Prospective buyers and dealers often make low offers to initiate negotiations. It is important to remain patient and flexible.

Flexibility is Important

The value of a car drops as it stays longer in the market. Offers typically decrease over time as potential buyers become aware that the car remains unsold. It is important to remain flexible and consider genuine offers from the beginning. However, it is also important not to get too excited or have high expectations based on the first few calls, as not all callers will follow through and not all who do are genuine. To successfully sell a car in Dubai, it is important to be flexible and set a realistic limit for negotiation. Having a clear bottom line can simplify the decision-making process.

If the car remains unsold after a few weeks, consider lowering the price slightly to attract more buyers and facilitate the process. When selling used cars in Dubai, it is important to consider not only the desired price but also the time and ease of the process.

Not all Dealers are your Enemies

Car owners often face a dilemma when deciding whether to trade in their vehicle with a dealer or sell it privately. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options. While selling a used car privately may result in slightly higher rates, it can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. On the other hand, dealers may offer slightly lower rates but provide a hassle-free and convenient experience throughout the process. Interestingly, there is another option available to sell your car at the best price without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

Test drives and mechanical inspections are the right of the buyer

If you are ever wondering how to sell your car effectively, it is important to distinguish between tire-kickers and genuine buyers. Tire-kickers have minimal interest in purchasing your car and often offer a much lower price than your asking price. Differentiating between tire-kickers and genuine buyers is not difficult, and a direct approach is often a clear indication of a tire-kicker. However, genuine buyers who are willing to inspect and review the car have the right to test drive and conduct further mechanical inspections. No buyer will purchase a used car without complete satisfaction, and test drives and mechanical inspections are a must.

Typically, a 10-15 minute drive is sufficient to gain a basic understanding of the car, and negotiations often begin at this stage. It is important to always accompany the buyer during test drives. It is best to meet at a location that is convenient for you. Serious buyers may bring their own mechanic for inspections during a second visit. If the buyer is willing to pay the mechanic fee, you can also have the car inspected by your own mechanic upon request.

Prepare receipts for the Deposit taken

Requesting a deposit is a reasonable practice, and it is acceptable to ask for a small cash deposit to finalize the deal. A 5-7% cash deposit is a reasonable amount, as buyers who are unwilling to pay the deposit may not be genuinely interested. It is important to provide two identical receipts for the transaction, one for the cash deposit and one for the remaining balance. Confusion regarding the final agreed price at the time of payment is not uncommon. It is advisable to keep a record of all transactions to avoid any confusion. It is important to have a clear and concise record of the transaction.

Some sellers make the rookie mistake of thinking that a single receipt is sufficient to seal a deal. However, having the cash in hand is not enough to avoid confusion. That is why it is best to have two identical receipts prepared beforehand to minimize confusion and simplify the process for both parties. These details become crucial when selling cars privately.

In Dubai, the process of buying and selling cars is regulated by the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA). To ensure compliance with RTA guidelines, it is important to have your finances in order. The RTA registers all car loans in Dubai, and to sell your car without any issues, it must not have any outstanding dues.

In order to be eligible for selling, your car must be in good condition and pass the RTA’s annual roadworthiness inspection. This certification is valid for up to 30 days from the day of the test. It is mandatory for every car owner to obtain this certification to complete the selling process. sell car online dubai

Personal cheques Say NO!

Such offers may lead to trouble and should be avoided. It is advisable to decline offers that involve personal cheques instead of bank cheques when selling your car.


Instead, aim for a straightforward and hassle-free process. When selling second-hand or used cars in Dubai, it is important to prioritize convenience and comfort. Avoid the complications that can arise from selling a used car privately at an unrealistic price.

What is the process to sell a car in Dubai?

Visit an authorised location. You will need to officially move the car ownership to the new owner, and this can be done at any one of the RTA authorised centres across Dubai. …
Clear all due fines and payments. …
RTA mandated vehicle test. …
Bring the necessary documents. …
Clear loans.

Do I need Emirates ID to sell my car?

The registered owner also has to be present at the point the car is transferred to a new owner. You’ll need your UAE driving license and original Emirates ID as well as the valid RTA certificate too.

Can I authorize someone to sell my car in Dubai?

People with vehicle power of attorney are authorized to: Sell or transfer a vehicle on your behalf. Renew registration and insurance of the vehicle. Sign transfer documents.

How to sell your car in dubai online

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