How to find jobs in Dubai

How to find jobs in Dubai

Dubai has become a popular city for expats looking to find jobs in the Middle East, and there are plenty of opportunities available that can take you from your first entry-level job to your C-suite executive role. For those looking to start their journey of finding jobs in Dubai, this guide will help you get started with the basics like applying for visas and choosing where to live before providing insight into how local businesses operate and what resources are available to help you on your journey.

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How to find jobs in Dubai

Decide on which visa you want

Deciding on which visa you want is a good place to start. There are two basic types of jobs in Dubai: one involves gaining employment with a local company, while another entails working for an international firm that has its own office there. With respect to visas, however, they’re quite different. If you plan on working locally, it might make sense to get an Employment Visa , which will entitle you to a work permit.

Decide what type of employment you are looking for

Whether you’re looking for an expat job or a career with a local company, you should have clear ideas about what type of employment you are looking for. If your ultimate goal is short-term employment, it might be best to spend time focused on high-demand positions within your industry; if you would like to settle down and make Dubai your permanent home, there are plenty of opportunities for both expats and locals.

Research companies/offices

When searching for a job, research companies and/or offices that interest you. Visiting a company’s website is only part of your due diligence as an applicant; make sure you also visit their social media profiles, review sites (such as Facebook, Instagram) and online forums (like Reddit or Quora). You can also talk to people who work at that particular business or know someone who does.

Create an application strategy

Before applying for a job, create an application strategy. Evaluate your resume and work history, and determine what type of position you are looking for. If you have solid experience in your field, but only a few years of experience at a specific company, it may be better to apply for jobs that match your qualifications more closely. If you are just starting out and need any type of job, apply at as many companies as possible; eventually one will give you an interview.

What to put in your cover letter

A well-written cover letter is a valuable part of any job application. It’s your chance to show why you’re an ideal candidate for a position, and explain why you’re more qualified than other candidates. A strong cover letter can be just as important as your resume.

Resume tips

Before you start your job search, follow these tips for writing a resume that is sure to land you some interviews. When it comes time to fill out your application, make sure you’re answering questions as concisely and clearly as possible. Following up is important after any interview, and make sure there’s a way for your interviewer or potential employer to get back in touch with you quickly and easily.

Cover letter tips

CVs are a fact of life for applicants looking for jobs. To ensure that yours makes a good impression, there are several things you should consider when writing your cover letter. A short, succinct introductory paragraph should be enough to get started—after all, it’s probably not an exaggeration to say that most hiring managers won’t make it through your whole cover letter before they decide whether or not they’re going to read on!

Where to look for jobs online (local sites, job boards, LinkedIn…)

As a new expat living in Dubai, it can be difficult finding a job and figuring out how to apply. One of your best bets is to start by looking for jobs online. You have tons of options when you’re looking for a job in Dubai. Whether you use local sites like Dubizzle, Indeed or head over to Monster and LinkedIn, there are plenty of tools at your disposal—but nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations from other people who live here.

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