Export Cars From Dubai

Export Cars From Dubai

Export Cars From Dubai To Africa, Dubai is a major hub for the export of cars to Africa, with a wide range of vehicles being shipped to countries throughout the continent. There are several reasons why cars has become a popular thing for export cars Dubai to Africa. Check Wide Range Of cars ready to Export From Dubai

One of the main reasons is the availability of a wide range of cars in Dubai. The city is home to many car dealerships, both new and used, that offer a wide variety of vehicles from different manufacturers. This makes it easy for buyers in Africa to find the perfect car to meet their needs.

With over 150,000 cars exported each year, Dubai is one of the world’s leading re-exporters of automobiles. African countries are among the largest markets for these vehicles, with popular destinations including Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. One of the primary reasons African countries like to import cars from Dubai is the lower cost of the vehicles as compared to buying new cars domestically.

Export Cars From Dubai Process

To guarantee a seamless and successful transaction, certain steps must be followed when exporting automobiles from Dubai to Africa. The first step is to get the relevant documentation, which include an origin certificate, a bill of lading, and an export declaration. It is also critical to follow the importing country’s requirements, which may involve vehicle inspection and customs clearance.

Export Cars From Dubai To Africa
Export Cars From Dubai

How To Export Cars From Dubai :

1- Shipping Via Sea

2- Shipping Via Air

3- Shipping Via Land

Tax-Free Environment and Competitive Pricing

In Dubai, the absence of value-added tax (VAT) and import duties on cars significantly reduces the overall cost of purchasing vehicles. This translates into more competitive pricing for buyers looking to import cars from Dubai.

Wide Range of Vehicle Options

Dubai’s thriving automobile market provides an extensive selection of vehicles from various brands, ranging from luxury cars to high-performance sports vehicles. This diverse range allows buyers to choose vehicles that cater to their specific markets.

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Export Cars From Dubai Process:

Exporting cars from Dubai involves several stages, each requiring attention to detail and adherence to regulations. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

1. Vehicle Selection

Browse through Dubai’s diverse car market to select the vehicles you want to export. Consider factors such as target market demand, brand popularity, and vehicle specifications.

2. Export Documentation

Prepare the necessary documentation, including the export declaration, vehicle registration, and bill of lading. Working with a local agent can help ensure that all paperwork is accurate and complete.

3. Customs Clearance

Before shipping, vehicles must go through customs clearance. This involves inspections to ensure that the vehicles comply with both Dubai’s regulations and the importing country’s requirements.

4. Vehicle Preparations

Thoroughly clean and inspect the vehicles to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Any necessary repairs or maintenance should be performed at this stage.

5. Shipping Arrangements

Choose a reliable shipping method based on your destination. Options include container shipping for added protection or roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) for efficiency.

6. Final Inspections

Perform a final inspection before the vehicles are loaded onto the chosen transport vessel. This step guarantees that the cars are in optimal condition for their journey.

7. Shipment and Tracking

Monitor the shipment of your vehicles using tracking services provided by shipping companies. This allows you to stay informed about the progress of your export.

8. Customs Import and Delivery

Upon arrival at the destination country, your vehicles will go through customs import procedures. Once cleared, they can be delivered to your dealership or distribution center.

Documents Requires:

Original export certificate
Documents justifying the value of a vehicle
Passport/Visa of shipper
Passport/Visa of the consignee
Emirates ID
Original Vehicle registration certificate 
Mortgage release certificate
Vehicle insurance policy

Prices Approximately:

CountryPrice (AED) StartingDays By Ship ( Sea )
Finland7,40037 to 41
France6,20028 to 37
Greece6,330 to 6,90013 to 25
Germany6,330 to 7,60029 to 39
Italy6,200 to 6,90022 to 37
Spain6,200 to 7,30025 to 35
Sweden7,40037 to 44
Ukraine6,70029 days

Export Car from UAE to India and Pakistan

Situated in close proximity to the UAE, both India and Pakistan stand as prime destinations for shipping. With a shipping duration of approximately 6 to 7 days, the route between these nations and the UAE offers a seamless and efficient connection. To facilitate this process, the Indian government necessitates the submission of crucial documents including the manufacturer’s invoice and an ocean bill of lading, accompanied by other essential paperwork. It’s important to note that the cost of shipping vehicles to the vibrant markets of India and Pakistan comes to approximately AED 5,100, excluding any associated import duties and taxes. This investment not only opens doors to these thriving markets but also establishes a strategic gateway to expanded business opportunities.

Export car from the UAE to the USA

Intriguingly, the cost of shipping vehicles to American shores unveils a landscape of opportunity. The expense varies depending on the specific port, creating a dynamic and versatile spectrum to explore. On average, the voyage to the USA comes within a range of AED 9,500 to AED 26,000, accompanied by a nominal 2.5% duty. Embracing this endeavor not only opens avenues to a vast and lucrative market but also aligns with the high aspirations and discerning preferences of the American consumer base.

List Of Export Showrooms in Dubai:

Can I export a car from Dubai?

Yes, you can export a car from Dubai. The city is known for its thriving car market and is a popular destination for purchasing and exporting vehicles.

What are the requirements for exporting a car from Dubai?

To export a car from Dubai, you generally need a valid UAE driving license or an export permit. The specific requirements can vary depending on the destination country. It’s recommended to contact the local authorities or a shipping agent to ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

Do I need to pay any taxes or fees for exporting a car

Yes, there are certain fees and taxes associated with exporting a car from Dubai. These could include export duties, customs fees, and potentially other charges based on the destination country’s regulations.

Can I export a car that is under finance or loan?

Exporting a car that is under finance or loan can be complex. You would typically need to clear the loan or obtain permission from the financing institution before exporting the car.

How do I choose a shipping method for exporting the car?

There are various shipping methods available, including RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off), container shipping, and air freight. The choice depends on factors like budget, destination, and the type of vehicle. Consulting with shipping experts can help you make an informed decision.

What documents are required for exporting a car?

Commonly required documents include the vehicle’s registration card, export permit, bill of sale, passport, and driving license. Additional paperwork might be necessary depending on the destination and shipping method.

Can I drive the car to the destination country myself?

Some people choose to drive their cars to the destination country, but this can involve navigating through different regulations, borders, and road conditions. It’s recommended to research thoroughly and plan the journey in advance.

How can I find a reliable shipping agent?

Look for shipping companies with a good reputation and experience in car exports. Reading reviews, getting recommendations from friends, or seeking advice on online forums can help you find a reliable shipping agent.

How long does the process of exporting a car take?

The time required for exporting a car from Dubai varies. It depends on factors such as paperwork processing, shipping method, and customs clearance. The process could take a few weeks to a couple of months.

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