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Petrol Prices in UAE – New Petrol & Diesel Prices Updates DEC-2023

Petrol Prices in UAE – New Petrol & Diesel Prices Updates DEC-2023

When it comes to the Petrol Prices in UAE, the price of petrol has typically been stable, although there have been noticeable fluctuations in recent months. Even the slightest adjustment, whether it’s an upward or downward movement, can significantly influence various sectors. Among these, the logistics department experiences the greatest impact. Fuel prices hold significant sway over inflation rates, as they directly affect both living expenses and the prices of finalized goods.

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Here are the current prices of different petrol types in the UAE:

  • Special 95: AED 2.71 per liter
  • Super 98: AED 2.82 per liter
  • E-Plus: AED 2.64 per liter
  • Diesel: AED 3.00 per liter

Understanding the factors influencing oil price changes is essential, although not every fluctuation can be attributed to specific causes due to unpredictable circumstances. Nonetheless, several significant factors can impact petrol prices.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has control over 80% of global petrol supply, allowing them to regulate prices for the benefit of member countries. Additionally, the balance between petrol supply and demand worldwide can influence prices.

Price fluctuations can also occur due to natural disasters that disrupt oil supply, storage, or refining processes. Furthermore, local taxes and interest rates contribute to price instability.

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Prices in AED per litreE-Plus 91Special 95Super 98Diesel
September 20233.233.313.423.40
August 20232.953.023.142.95
July 20232.812.893.002.76
June 20232.762.842.952.68
May 2023 2.973.053.162.91
April 20232.822.903.013.03
March 20232.902.973.093.14
February 20232.862.933.053.38
January 20232.952.672.783.29
December 20223.113.183.303.74
November 20223.133.203.324.01
October 20222.852.923.033.76
September 20223.223.303.413.87
August 20223.843.924.034.14
July 20224.444.524.634.76

Is Petrol Prices Different at Petrol Stations:

In the UAE, petrol prices remain consistent across all stations, including ADNOC. Regardless of whether you choose to refill at an ADNOC petrol pump or any other pump, the prices will be identical. The government regulates and maintains uniformity in petrol prices throughout the country. This ensures that consumers receive the same pricing no matter where they choose to refuel their vehicles. Therefore, you can confidently refill your vehicle at any petrol station in the UAE, knowing that the prices will be consistent across the board.

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  1. Subsidized Fuel: The UAE government historically heavily subsidized petrol prices, making fuel relatively inexpensive for residents and businesses. This subsidy was aimed at supporting the economy and reducing the cost of living for citizens.
  2. Monthly Adjustments: Fuel prices in the UAE were adjusted on a monthly basis. The government would review global oil prices and set the new petrol prices accordingly.
  3. Variation in Grades: Petrol was available in different grades, including unleaded and premium. Prices for each grade varied, with premium fuels being more expensive.
  4. No Fixed Price: Unlike some countries where fuel prices are fixed by the government, the UAE’s petrol prices were responsive to changes in the global oil market. This meant that prices could fluctuate from one month to the next.
  5. Government Control: The UAE government controlled fuel distribution and pricing through entities like ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) and Emarat, which managed petrol stations.

Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. How are petrol prices determined in the UAE?
    • Petrol prices in the UAE are determined by the government and are subject to monthly adjustments. The government reviews global oil prices and sets the new petrol prices accordingly.
  2. Are petrol prices subsidized in the UAE?
    • Historically, petrol prices in the UAE have been heavily subsidized by the government to support the economy and reduce the cost of living for citizens. However, subsidy policies may change over time.
  3. When are petrol prices updated in the UAE?
    • Petrol prices in the UAE are typically adjusted on a monthly basis. The government announces the new prices at the beginning of each month.
  4. Do petrol prices vary by emirate in the UAE?
    • Petrol prices are generally uniform across all emirates in the UAE, as they are regulated by the federal government.
  5. Are different grades of petrol available in the UAE, and do they have different prices?
    • Yes, different grades of petrol, including unleaded and premium, are available in the UAE. Prices for each grade may vary, with premium fuels typically being more expensive.
  6. Can tourists purchase petrol in the UAE?
    • Yes, tourists can purchase petrol in the UAE. Petrol stations are widely available, and payment can be made with cash or credit cards.
  7. Where can I find the current petrol prices in the UAE?
    • To find the most up-to-date petrol prices in the UAE, you can check government websites, local news outlets, or the websites and apps of petrol station chains such as ADNOC and Emarat.
  8. Do petrol prices in the UAE change frequently?
    • Yes, petrol prices in the UAE can change frequently, especially if there are significant fluctuations in global oil prices.
  9. Are there any plans to change the subsidy policy for petrol in the UAE?
    • Subsidy policies for petrol in the UAE may change over time, depending on government decisions and economic considerations. It’s advisable to stay updated with the latest news and government announcements for any changes in subsidy policies.
  10. Is there any tax on petrol in the UAE?
    • As of my last update there was no value-added tax (VAT) or sales tax on petrol in the UAE. However, tax policies can change, so it’s a good idea to check for any updates on taxation related to petrol.

It’s important to note that petrol prices can change frequently, and the government’s approach to pricing and subsidies may evolve over time. To get the most current and accurate information about petrol prices in the UAE, I recommend checking with local sources such as government websites or contacting petrol stations directly.

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