Off Plan Properties in Dubai

Off Plan Properties in Dubai


An off-plan property is a new home that has been built but not yet occupied or completed.

What is an Off Plan Property?

An off plan property is a real estate property that has not been built yet. The developer has planned the construction of this property, but it has not yet been constructed.

However, this does not mean that you can’t buy an off-plan property. In fact, there are several advantages to buying an off-plan property instead of buying one already built – including the ability to negotiate a better price and get more features for your money!

How Do I Buy an Off Plan Property?

Buying an off plan property in Dubai is a very easy process. You just need to find the right broker and he will help you through each step of the process.

First, he will help you find the right property that matches your needs and budget. He will show you only properties that are available for purchase now so there are no delays with purchasing because properties are sold out or not yet started construction.

Next, he will negotiate the price of the property and make sure it’s at a price that suits both parties (e.g., sellers and buyers). Then he should also look into getting you some incentives like free furniture or discount on rent if applicable so that this makes buying more affordable for you especially if it’s an off plan property because they’re usually more expensive than resale properties in Dubai due to not having any equity built up yet which means less negotiation power on behalf of builders/developers who don’t have any profit from reselling them yet hence why they might seem expensive at first glance but once construction starts, then everyone else catches up since all prices adjust upwards together (like oil prices).

Once all negotiations regarding pricing have been agreed upon between seller/buyer(s), then comes paperwork! For example: transfer deeds must be signed so ownership changes hands successfully without incident; payment plans need documenting too as well as other contracts governing specific aspects such as renting/leasing conditions etcetera etcetera

Permit Ownership and Freehold Areas

There are two types of ownership for a property in Dubai. One is called a leasehold, or ‘permit’, and the other is called freehold.

A leasehold means that you rent your property from its owner (the landlord), while a freehold means that you own it yourself.

Dubai off plan homes is a great investment opportunity.

Dubai off plan properties is a great investment opportunity.

If you want to invest in Dubai but are worried about the current market conditions, investing in Dubai off plan homes might be the best option for you. Buying an off plan property means that you can get a discount on the price of your home and secure your future with a home loan at more favourable rates. It also helps if you’re planning to move to Dubai soon as most apartments will be completed within 2-3 years from now which means that once the project is complete, it will be easy for you to move into your new home without much hassle involved.


Dubai is a great place to invest in a property. There are many areas of the city that are seeing massive development and offer good value for money. With more than 200 projects underway in Dubai, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding an off plan property with everything you need whether it be commercial or residential living space.

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