7 Tips For Buying A New Car In UAE

7 Tips For Buying A New Car In UAE

Buying a new car in UAE is not simple. Having more than 60 different brands to select along with thousands of cars for sale every day, there’s plenty to go around and some fantastic discounts to be had. But, before you leave, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Online platforms such as Carsclub make buying a car easy by displaying new and used cars for sale throughout the Emirates.

We don’t mean a vehicle that has never been driven, has zero kilometers on the clock, and has never had a previous owner. We define new car as a replacement for your present vehicle or a first time buy.

Let’s get started with the guide.

Do your study on the vehicle or cars you are thinking about buying before finalizing the sale or looking at a car.

  • Determine the Type of Vehicle You Desire
  • Study Market Trends
  • Examine the Reviews
  • Price Comparison
  • Think about the resale value.

Take your time and don’t hurry into a purchase. 

Check out car reviews as well to have a better understanding of the car.

Look Around From A Different Seller A Well

When buying a new car in UAE, it is critical to shop around and consider your alternatives. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your search:

  • Visit Multiple Dealerships
    Visit many showrooms to get a better sense of the sorts of automobiles offered and the rates they provide. Take your time and don’t feel obligated to buy straight away.
  • Test Drive Cars
    Use test drives to acquire a feel for the vehicles you’re interested in. Consider characteristics such as comfort, handling, and visibility.
  • Check Online Listings
    Remember to look at internet ads for new automobiles in UAE. This might assist you in identifying extra possibilities that you might not have seen at dealerships.
  • Research Manufacturer Offers
    Check with the manufacturer to see if they have any new car specials. This might assist you in saving money on your buy.

You’ll be able to make a better educated selection when buying a new car in UAE if you search around and explore your possibilities. Take your time, test drive cars, look into financing alternatives, browse internet listings, and look into manufacturer incentives. This will assist you in obtaining the greatest possible bargain on your new car.

Don’t forget to check car listings online as well. Carsclub is one of the leading cars marketplace for second hand cars in Dubai And new car prices in Dubai. Carsclub Also provides with export cars, rent a car, Certified Pre Owned Cars In UAE.

Determine Your Financing Options

Many new car purchases these days are made on credit. With low loan rates, this might be an ideal option to upgrade to the right car for your needs. Knowing what to expect before starting the financial process will help you increase your chances of acceptance.

Some banks need a monthly income of roughly Dhs15,000 and that you have been with your employer for at least three months. While this may not apply to all lenders, if you fall below these standards, you should be prepared to shop around. It is critical to know your DBR (Debt Burden Ratio).

Simply put, this is the amount of debt you have relative to your pay. Your debt (such as personal loan installments, mortgage payments, and so on) should not exceed 50% of your monthly wage.

As part of your DBR, 5% of your credit card limit will be considered. This implies that if you have a Dhs100,000 credit card limit, 5,000 Dhs will be added to any other monthly repayments you make to compute your DBR. If your credit card limit will push you above the 50% mark, you can ask your bank to lower it.

Get An Idea About The Car

Don’t be rash or overly enthusiastic. After you’ve located your dream car, thoroughly inspect it before making a down payment. Sit inside the car and see whether it resonates with you. Check if the seat is comfy and easy to drive. Examine the driving quality.

Every detail should be perfect, especially if you intend to keep the car for a long time. Check out the other crucial features. Are they in the proper location? Do they function properly? Most importantly, does the vehicle meet your requirements?

If you’re looking for a new car for your family, be sure everyone in the car is comfortable. Check to see whether they will fit inside and have enough space.

Don’t Hesitate To Negotiate

Do not be afraid to bargain. However, you should not go too cheap and propose half of the required amount. If you visit a dealership, inquire about any current car specials.

They may not be able to reduce the cost, but they may certainly offer additional freebies such as warranties. You can also acquire delayed payment adding value to buying a car. Remember that haggling is extremely common when purchasing a car in UAE.

Deprecation Is Important

Depreciation should always be factored in when acquiring a car. When you buy a car and drive it for a few hundred kilometers, the value of the car begins to decline. In general, a car that is reasonably priced will depreciate more slowly than an expensive vehicle. The following automakers are experiencing gradual depreciation in UAE:

Vehicles that do not depreciate exist, although they are pricey when new. These are Hypercars, enthusiast cars, and vehicles with limited manufacturing runs.

Think Of The Long Term Running Costs

Petrol is less expensive in UAE than in other nations. This does not, however, imply that you should buy a 5.7 liter V8 automobile. Remember that if you drive the automobile on a regular basis, you must fill up the tanks once a week. This may quickly pile up.

Before you sign the contract, you should consider future upkeep. Famous automobiles in UAE have low maintenance costs since replacement parts are easily available.

Even if they are inexpensive, this may add up. Maintenance expenses are often high with European made autos. American cars are ranked second.

You will be liable for the services of wheel balancing, tire rotation, oil change, AC repair, and oil after you buy that car.


Buying a new car in UAE may be an exciting experience if approached correctly. You can guarantee that you make an informed selection and receive the greatest value for your money by completing careful research, creating a budget, bargaining successfully, and evaluating internet listings.

It is critical to take your time and avoid making rash judgments. The more you plan ahead of time, the more assured you’ll be while making a purchase. Remember to take any cars you’re interested in for a test drive and ask plenty of questions to ensure you completely grasp what you’re getting.

Furthermore, the related costs of having an automobile, such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel usage, must be considered. By considering these expenditures, you can guarantee that you buy a car that will be reasonable in the long term.

Overall, by keeping these seven points in mind, you can make the car buying process less stressful and more gratifying. Just remember to be patient, conduct extensive study, and make an informed conclusion.

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